International Visitors

If we didn’t already have enough sepos* at the farm, with representations from both sides of the Mason-Dixon line living in the farm house, today we welcomed Rory from Burlington, Vermont. Rory is a study-abroad student engaged in an excellent project: researching urban food production in Sydney. She met Craig last week at Alexandria Community Garden and today she came up to the farm to interview us for her project. It was exciting to get an opportunity to reflect on why we are getting into organic food growing and also to eat lunch with a guest who was interested in listening to us speak about these things. We look forward to seeing how her research develops.Rory and Craig out back!

This shot is also interesting because it was taken out in the backyard, which has recently become part of Earlwood Farm too. The back area is almost twice the size of the front and next Saturday all the Earlwood farmers will be getting together and planning out what we are going to do in Earlwood Farm: Phase 2! Stay tuned…

* ‘Sepo’ is abbreviated rhyming slang for an American, coming from yank which rhymes with “Septic Tank”.

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