Earlwood Farm is the lovechild of Craig Johnson and Jennifer Hamilton. We are embarking on a life together and, for the time being, we can’t afford to buy a house, but we want to live in Sydney. So, we want to find a new way of making home and building a sustainable life in a rental property in Sydney. We also like sharing with others and although we are getting married in 2013, and the normal pattern seems to be that the couple moves into their own house alone, we have set up a share house with two friends, Aaron and Sophie.

There are a few significant obstacles to living sustainably and to really putting down roots (so to speak!) while renting, simply because the house and land is not yours and therefore you can’t just install solar panels or construct a underground grey water management system, and sometimes landlords or ladies don’t like you messing with the aesthetics of a property inside or out. Also, sustainable living requires mindfulness, care and both emotional and financial investment. And there is always the risk that you will be booted off the property if rent prices become too high or if the owner decides to sell. But we are going to make a share home and domestic urban farm. This is a living experiment and we shall see how it goes. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us: earlwoodfarm at gmail dot com.

JENNIFER HAMILTON is a scholar and artist. She holds a PhD in English literature and is a Visiting Fellow with the Environmental Humanities research group at the University of New South Wales. Her research explores early modern literary and dramatic representations of the weather, food and death. She has lectured and tutored at the University of New South Wales, University of New York (Sydney) and University of Wollongong, in English, Environmental Studies and Gender Studies. She is currently working on a book based on her PhD project entitled Shakespeare’s Pitiless Storm. Jennifer’s art projects include Tilting at Windmills (with Tessa Zettel, 2013), Sea Shanties for Dead Sailors (with Craig Johnson, 2012) and Walking in the Rain (for Performance Space, 2011) She has also co-curated Time Machine: a festival of experimental time-based art (for Serial Space, 2012) and  Tiny Stadiums Festival (for Quarterbred, 2012). Her publications reflect these different aspects of her career and appear in  Southerly Journal, Australian Humanities Review, The Reader, Das Superpaper, New Matilda  and  Literature and Sensation (CSP, 2009). She occasionally blogs at bicycleuser.wordpress.com

CRAIG JOHNSON was born in Metairie/New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He migrated to Sydney in 2008 and recently completed a PhD in Photovoltaic Engineering at UNSW. He has been involved with a variety of community and performance efforts related to labour history, radical politics, gardening, waste management, pop music, cycling and social change.

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  1. Fiona Sinclair

    do you by any chance have Butter, LIma, Red kidney or chickpeas growing. I am after a growing vine of each for a photo shoot.. or do you know where I can find any or all


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